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    Oops! #oddsocksday! Lol!

    Oops! #oddsocksday! Lol!

  2. Updated character inspiration board for my detective series - recurring characters:
    Adam WIlliams - Ian Hallard
    Alex Bird - Tom Hiddleston
    Charlotte Harvey - Emilia Clarke
    Georgina Mounsey - Alex Kingston
    Helena Ventham - Karen Gillan
    John Mercury - Andrew Scott
    Joshua Mounsey - Stephen Dillane
    Mark Welham - Colin Firth
    Pedita Graves - Helen Mirren
    Tim Clery - Mark Gatiss

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  5. mycroftslittlebrother:

    Completing each other’s sentences… even from a distance.

  7. Joshua York laughed, a laugh of pure spontaneous delight, deep and musical. ‘Abner,’ he said, ‘you are singular, and most formidable. I like you. You, however, will not like my little drink. Still, if you insist, we shall have both.’
    — George r r martin, Fevre Dream
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    for chinese new year they get all these famous actors and comedians together and they do a lil show and one of the comedians was like “i was in a hotel in america once and there was a mouse in my room so i called reception except i forgot the english word for mouse so instead i said ‘you know tom and jerry? jerry is here’

  9. cumbermums - songs from my iTunes (see previous post if you’re confused as to why I’ve done this for you!) if you want me to delete it just message me and I will!

    Piano man - Billy Joel
    Eternal flame - Atomic Kitten (sorry - probably showing my age here!)
    Dancing queen - Abba
    I have a dream - Abba (again!)
    The king has lost his crown - Abba yet again!
    An innocent man - Billy Joel (wow, nice way to finish with the same artist you start with!)

    Your URL comes up with:
    Cradle - Atomic Kitten
    U make me wanna - Blue
    Mamma Mia - Abba
    Breathe slow - Alesha Dixon
    Ev’ry time we say goodbye - John Barrowman
    Rehab - Amy Winehouse
    Money, money, money - Abba
    Unchained melody - Gareth Gates (showing my age again here!)
    Misfit - Amy Studt
    Super trouper - Abba

    Well, I suppose one version would have to have some embarrassing tunes on there!

    Sorted by ratings (the above all have 5 stars!)

  10. questiun:

    Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters

  11. I remember saying to Benedict when we were doing the pilot three years ago, “You do realise you’re not going to be able to walk down the street if this becomes a series?” He couldn’t imagine himself as a sex symbol. He was like, “Well. Maybe among the emo girls”.
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What do I do?

    What do I do?

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